Team Buddies Emulator psx Fix

  • Run Team Buddies on Windows

    1. Download Emulator and extract files

    2. Download Bios Files and extract in Emulator bios folder.

    3. Run Emulator (ePSXe.exe) settings menu will open. klick config

    4. Choose Bios scph9002-PAL (next)

    5. Choose epSXe CPU core 2.0.0. (next)

    6. Chosse ePSXe SPU core 2.0.0 for sound (next)

    7. Use EpSXe CDR WNT/W2K core 2.0.0 for Cdrom (next)

    8. Config you controllers and done.

    9. Go to config and video! You can change to Fullsceen Mode and 1920x1080 if you have Full-HD Monitor and Klick ok

    10. Download Team Buddies (E) [SCES-01923].zip extract folder

    11. Go to Emulator Run the ISO Team Buddies and play

    12. HAVE FUN beer

    Is your Ps4 Controller not work

    Try this:

    If you use PS4 controller you can run it with DS4 Tool or Input Mapper



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