One Year Later, SC Map DB going strong

  • Today marks the one-year anniversary of the Sven Co-op Map Database, which was unveiled on the SC forums on March 27, 2008.

    SC Map DB was a late-comer to the world of SC map download sites, but it sought to be different by striving for completeness and usefulness. This means making the most current version of all SC maps accessible, with a large assortment of media and extensive information for each map. Building an archive of all SC maps released over the last 10 years, while keeping up with the steady stream of new map releases, is clearly not a one-man job. A wiki was the only way.

    It started off with only a few maps, but over the past year the community has totally embraced the site and built it into a comprehensive, useful, and up-to-date destination for Sven Co-op maps visited by hundreds each day. At last count, there were 314 maps, 149 mappers, and 1959 screenshots. Since it's a wiki, SC Map DB is capable of being maintained and grown entirely by the community. Many people have helped improve SC Map DB, but the biggest helpers deserve a special mention. They are: JPolito (view maps), BMT (view maps), ukAdamR (view maps), and SC-Dynamite (view maps).

    Thanks to spywarrior for providing a files mirror, it will be a huge help now that FileFront is shutting down will no longer be used as an official mirror. SC Map DB links to a number external sites for backup mirrors, such as Sven Co-op Central (congratulations on reaching 1 million downloads!), so thanks to them and all SC sites.

    Keep up the great work!